Two Friends
With a vision

We are called Justyna and Brygida, our history begins in Warsaw, where the brand was created The Odder Side. As two carefree girls, we made friends while working in the editorial office of a fashion magazine. The idea of ​​setting up a brand The Odder Side He was born during one of our many conversations on Facebook, during which we expressed our love and the desire to have clothes that make a woman feel strong and beautiful.

In 2014, we created the first capsule collection, which was the quintessence of the style we always dreamed of. Comfortable t-shirts with open back, airy tops and timeless dresses. Love for unique products did not cease, within five years we proudly looked at how fast and dynamically our brand is growing. We are very lucky to afford to travel around the world and work with people who inspire us, creating dream campaigns. Everything we did and we do happens with the conviction that we create beautiful and comfortable fashion for you.

"Working with your best friend is to make your dreams come true. To have someone at your side, who always supports you and who knows how to cheer you when you need it - this is the best gift from the universe. We know when the second of us needs coffee, and when wine. We really appreciate what luck we have while being together on this path. "

In simple we trust

We believe in the beauty of “less is more”. Our collections embrace simplicity, comfort, effortless beauty and timeless fashion while caring for our environment. We design for a COOL girl - natural, sensual, perfectly aware of her own self. The I-don’t-care vibe and messy hair is what has inspired us since day 1. Hope you love it as much as we do!