About us

The Odder Side combines modern basic design with quality.  It embraces simplicity, comfort and natural beauty.  

We always happily present 2 lines: Seasonal Collection & our timeless Basic Collection. 

Autumn / Winter 2017 

When we think of Autumn Winter, we imagine it as COZY, CALM, TENDER...

Our days slow down a little, our thoughts wander a little.

But we DO STYLE.

The new collection continues with its signature clean silhouettes and effortless sophistication. 

The mission is simple - to fill a girl’s wardrobe with effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that she reaches for day in, day out! 

It is a mix of must-have basics, predictibly (but ODDERly) SEXY. These are - again - the pieces that we dreamed about.

The Basic Collection 

Our Basic Collection is growing all the time. 

Just because WE ALWAYS NEED THEM (and always wear them), we have been producing them all year around and are always fully stocked. 

This gains us trust from our customers as they always know where to turn for great Basics to hit the streets or holidays.

To keep things fresh & interesting, we are always on a lookout for the new shades and colors. 

The shapes and cuts are already perfected throughout the time, so we like to keep them as they are - perfect. 

This is exactly why shopping with us comes so easy for women. 

Once they’ve tried some of our basics, they come back for the same fit, just different colors.

Not without a reason “In Simple We Trust” - life is so much easier with great basics! And watch out, they are addictive! 

Who doesn’t want that peace-of-mind of not having to worry what you’re going to wear and those extra 15 minutes of sleep every morning?

Please allow up to 5-10 business days for international shipping.




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