What is your source of inspiration?

"The world! We love to travel and explore the street style in different cities." 

Who is the woman "The Odder Side" creates clothes for?

"She’s a smiling, confident girl - having her own style and knowing how to play with great basics!" 

What is your favorite part about running this brand?

"Actually, creating the pieces that we’ve always dreamed of! 

And also seeing girls wearing our pieces on the streets is awesome!" 

In five years, The Odder Side will be… 

"Oh! We have too many ideas! We would love to open our stores in our favourite cities..." 

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What do you do when you feel like you've got nothing to wear? 

"Design new basic beauties!" 

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Who is your fashion icon? 

"Recently, Gigi Hadid - she’s perfect!" 

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5 things you love in life... 

"Sun, holidays, simplicity, beauty, smile!" 

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